Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Regardless of all the hoohah over the eventual shape of the Freedom Tower, wouldn't it be awe-inspiring and deeply reverential to have the the recently collected oral histories from September 11, all 12,000 pages of it, inscribed on plinths in the garden?

You can see them all at the New York Times.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Run Away!

Friday, August 19, 2005

It was the Ice, Officer, I swear!

Reported recently by that venerable old dame, the SMH, was this article involving the unfortunate predilections of a certain Tamarama man who shall go un-named on this page, though not in the article - that stuff is just too juicy to keep secret.

After finding a number of mutilated, bloodied (and of course, dead) rabbit corpses lying in the streets around their suburb, suspicious residents reported these most disturbing happenings to the local police. Having nothing else to do apart from protecting the residents from having their Mercedes burgled for use in ram-raids, the police set up an operation and caught the scoundrel. Yay! Only...something tells me they got more than they bargained for. From the article;

Police say they intend to lay a further six charges of bestiality against a man arrested last week over the mutilation deaths of 18 rabbits purchased from Sydney pet stores.

Pleading a "drug-induced psychosis" from meth-amphetamine use, the man was refused bail as a threat to the community. That's a shame, because;

In applying for bail, [the accused] was willing to surrender his passport and would undertake not go within 50 metres of a pet shop.

He's clearly trying, people. He probably never had the opportunity to get this sort of advice from Savage Love readers who, like him, just love animals.

Friday, August 12, 2005

I wouldn't want to be a member of any club that would have me.

Xeni Jarden's latest article for Wired has an absolutely priceless quote tucked away right at the end. It's a discussion of the uber-precious networking community "ASmallWorld" which has as a prerequisite you were born with a silver spoon shoved tightly up your Duchy. ASmallWorld is populated by people like this guy.

as Cheray Unman, an ASW member and former VC living in Mill Valley, California, puts it, "If I'm trying to find someone to look after my purebred Samoyeds while I'm in St. Tropez, I'm not going to ask some naked Burning Man hula-hooper on".

Man, you can't script that stuff.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Violence, yes. Sex, no.

Well, this took me by surprise, simply because I thought we were better than that, but then again, I think back to all the other stuff we've tried to stop mature adults viewing out of their own choice. I guess the message is that blowing someone's virtual brains out with an Uzi is much better for you than blowing --

A message from the OFLC

In the interest's of good taste and public safety the remainder of this post has been refused classification.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

This is Microsoft. We Own EVERYTHING!! That is all.

Bleeding Edge asks a provocative question that I'm not game to answer directly - my geekiness doesn't extend to the history of the Incredible Monopoly Machine.

BE asks "Have Microsoft ever invented anything?" I assume so, but regardless of the answer, at the rate they're going with patent filing, they may not have ever invented anything, but they're sure going to own it all.

This article by the New York Times (via Cnet) shows how Microsoft have changed tack in recent years, with Gatesy ramping up the "Patent Quota" (no talk of quality, unfortunately). How's this for usefulness "
Adding and Removing White Space from a Document". My God! It's revolutionary! Like, er....the Delete Button. Or an Enter key, maybe?

The Redmonites have seemingly gone berzerk - if it exists, apparently Microsoft own it. Or at least, they want to. This patent, filed on the 21st July 2005, attempts to patent...emoticons.

Yep. Jens Martin, of Redmond, WA - I salute you. Glad to see someone fighting the good fight against those who would say Microsoft has never invented anything.

Microsoft - killing innovation daily since 1981.