Friday, August 19, 2005

It was the Ice, Officer, I swear!

Reported recently by that venerable old dame, the SMH, was this article involving the unfortunate predilections of a certain Tamarama man who shall go un-named on this page, though not in the article - that stuff is just too juicy to keep secret.

After finding a number of mutilated, bloodied (and of course, dead) rabbit corpses lying in the streets around their suburb, suspicious residents reported these most disturbing happenings to the local police. Having nothing else to do apart from protecting the residents from having their Mercedes burgled for use in ram-raids, the police set up an operation and caught the scoundrel. Yay! Only...something tells me they got more than they bargained for. From the article;

Police say they intend to lay a further six charges of bestiality against a man arrested last week over the mutilation deaths of 18 rabbits purchased from Sydney pet stores.

Pleading a "drug-induced psychosis" from meth-amphetamine use, the man was refused bail as a threat to the community. That's a shame, because;

In applying for bail, [the accused] was willing to surrender his passport and would undertake not go within 50 metres of a pet shop.

He's clearly trying, people. He probably never had the opportunity to get this sort of advice from Savage Love readers who, like him, just love animals.


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