Sunday, June 19, 2005

Tasty Cat Food

Hmm...gotta get some cat food. Completely out, the cupboards are bare. My God, this thing is an eating, sleeping, licking...eating sleeping machine. What to get, what to...oh...this looks interesting. Whiskas for Kittens. Well, she's not really a kitten anymore. She more closely resembles the John Candy of Kittens, albeit with only three legs.

But wait! What's this? Great new Taste! Packed full of Taste! Well, apart from my apparent disbelief in my cat possessing that indefinable quality known as "taste", given that she has a tendency to try and lick my toes after I've been for a run, I'm sold! Give me twenty!

Seth Godin wrote about this marketing like this here, and let's be serious people, it is a marketing ploy. Cat's eat mynah birds and snails, for crying out loud. And mice! Rats, even!

If you really wanted your cat eating something Packed full of Taste then you'd give it your rib-eye steak. Me, I just want it to not die.


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